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About 4Ever Boston Terriers & Italian Greyhounds

It all started with a little black and white dog named Lindy.

4Ever Boston Terriers & Italian Greyhounds are owned by Steve & Sherry Patton. We are high school sweethearts originally from southern California, married since 1989. We raised 6 kids while Steve served in the USAF and Sherry homeschooled our children. We now live in north Texas, where Steve works as an IT manager for a local city, while Sherry is pursuing her dream as an AKC Conformation Dog Show Judge. So in addition to caring for our own dogs, she travels to judge dog shows and continues her education in other dog breeds. Together we ring steward at dog shows too.

But it all started in 1990 in Cheyenne, WY. Steve was stationed at FE Warren AFB, and his supervisor used to invite us over for dinner and cards every week; and every week their Boston Terrier named Lindy would want to play with Sherry. After several months of this, we were gifted this little girl because their family was too busy to give her the attention she wanted. And thus started our love of Boston Terriers. When we became pregnant with our first child, we got Lindy a baby (puppy) of her own, starting Sherry's lifelong obsession with Bostons. She soon got a third one and began going to AKC events. But we didn't receive the help and support needed to really get into showing until we moved to England. Steve was stationed at RAF Mildenhall in 1996, and we made the difficult decision to re-home our Bostons before going overseas, due to the strict quarantine requirements at that time. But we found a Boston Terrier in England before we found a house. Thus began our showing and breeding of our already beloved breed. Sherry got a lot of good education from wonderful long time breeders during our 3 yrs in England. Imprinting the importance of health testing on her heart. After returning to the US, we had 3 human kids (ages 7 & under), who also all loved Bostons. After finding out about puppy mills and backyard breeders, we felt we had to do something, so we set out to do rescue as a family. However, after we moved onto the military base housing we had to stop rescue, due to limit numbers of dogs allowed. Then after becoming pregnant with our 4th child in 2000, Sherry decided to take a break from the dog show and breeding world, to focus on her human kiddos. We still had Bostons, just no breeding or showing. The kids picked up showing rabbits, which quickly became the new family hobby, which we enjoyed for 8 yrs. But in 2008 after the passing of our beloved Boston PJ, who was from our last litter in England, we decided it was time to get back into the dog show world. We got a Boston Terrier bitch to start, and after breeding to Kim Rutherford's stud dog Baron, we started our new bloodlines of Bostons. That's when Steve came up with our kennel name "4Ever", because he said we will 4Ever have a Boston in the house. 
I bet you're probably wondering how Italian Greyhounds came into the picture. Well, Sherry has always admired the sight hounds from a far. Her uncles used to take her to the greyhound races when she was a child. Now with her kids grown, no one doing Junior Showmanship with extra dogs in the house, she could finally try something she wanted to try. She also has had 4 spinal surgeries, it was decided if we were to have a second breed for Sherry to show and breed, it had to be small and easy for Sherry to handle in the future. So in 2018 Sherry began researching more and more. Well Kathy Britton had been friends with us for yrs, and she had two litters of IGs, one conversation led to another, which led to a certain red headed girl coming to live in Texas. Thankfully, we have had some great mentors helping us in our IG adventure. And after whelping and raising our first IG litter in 2020, we learned just how different the two breeds are... right down to growing stages. That is also why we are so thankful we found "Puppy Culture", and will continue to use their practices in raising our 4Ever puppies.

We usually only breed about once or twice a year, when we need something new to show or important to continuing ur breeding programs. During Covid we were able to breed one litter of each of our beloved breeds during the same time. But as life has returned to normal, and Sherry's judging schedule and travel has increased, finding the time to dedicate to raising puppies the way we see fit, is proving more difficult. So we are slowing down our breeding and showing. In fact, we are now using professional handlers to how our dogs for the first time too.

And as for the Boxers, well we have had Boxers in our home for years. They go great with Bostons and kids. We just do NOT breed Boxers. We buy them from friends who are reputable breeders. Sherry also does NOT show Boxers. We let the pros handle our Boxers.

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